Big Apple Barbecue Bloc Party

Once a year Madison Square park gets taken over by big name BBQ Pit Masters from across the country. It is a beautiful thing to get off the train and smell the smoke from two blocks away. This year the rain did not come down on Sunday which made things a little more bearable. To see Madison Avenue packed with smoke and people eating all kinds of BBQ is amazing! There are some good BBQ restaurants in the city but having the real deal smoked southern BBQ is something I look forward to every year.

Madison Avenue at its finest!

First stop was Martin’s for a whole hog sandwich. Martin’s represented Nolensville, TN. Slow smoked whole hogs are then chopped and mixed together for this amazing sandwich. The pork was so smoky and tender, topped with a crunchy slaw and spicy sauce. There were also a few spicy pickles as well that I really liked instead of the more traditional bread and butter pickles that you sometimes get. Check out their website here.

Martin's Whole Hog Sandwich

Next up – Baker’s ribs…. I think I waited 20 minutes for these – believe me when I say it was worth the wait! The line snaked an entire block and then back while you watched them finishing the ribs on the grill. Baker’s is from Texas and have been cooking up amazing ribs and brisket for years. The ribs were St Louis style and smoked over hickory low and slow. Served with their red BBQ sauce that had just the right amount of spice without being overly sweet. (I really do not like overly sweet sauces) Served with a side of vinegary and very peppered slaw. The slaw was spicier than the ribs, which surprised me, but I liked the contrast. I spoke to one of the team that told me they sold over 3000 lbs of ribs on Saturday alone! Check out their site here where you can get rubs and sauces delivered to your door. 

Baker's ribs getting finished on the grill

Baker's Ribs!

The Bloc Party is one of my favorite events in New York. If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar for next year and check out the site for more information.


  1. Barbecue…in New York City? Surely that has to be some kind of oxymoron??!!

  2. I know Atlanta well but the Big Apple Barbeque Bloc Party is no joke and showcases some of the best BBQ from all over the country. Look it up!

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