Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Hot dogs!

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Posted 22 Jan 2008 in Recipes

So bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs, need I say more? We used the silicon rubber bands that Adam gave us to secure the bacon in place and then dropped them in the deep fryer. Dress them with all the fixins and let your heart scream…. Trust me these are not for the faint-of-heart but they certainly are tasty!


  1. Anonymous

    For shame, for shame. :)

    You need to first slice a pocket into the hot dog and stuff it with aged cheddar cheese and *then* bacon wrap it.

    Better yet, it needs to be wrapped in dry cured non-sweetened maple bacon. In other words, it’s smoked with maple wood – not the type that has maple syrup added (that bacon sucks, compared to real maple bacon).

    Greg from Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. Sleazy

    I salute you and your hot dog/bacon marriage even though it is (arguably criminally) lacking cheese. I am lactose intolerant but sometimes it’s worth it.

  3. trippysmurf

    You sir are a king among men, and have given me a new goal, aside from the Luther Burger.

    I will think of this site and take pictures at the next caja china I attend.

  4. Justin

    This is almost the Chang dog from PDT, inside Crif Dogs in the E.Vil. The only addition is kimchee. It is the best hot dog ever!

  5. Dutch

    That’s fantastic. That’s on my Fourth Of July table.

  6. Jen @ JenuineJen

    My Cardiologist thanks you for improving his job security. I may give my hot dog roller griddle a break for a couple of days and break out the fryer.

  7. Ted

    I started doing this about a month and a half ago for a post-club drunk meal for my GF and I when we couldn’t decide what to eat. Topped with scrambled eggs and ketchup, I dubbed it “The Michelle” since that is all her favorite foods on a bun. Lacking silicon bands, you can pin the ends of the bacon in place with a (wooden) toothpick.

  8. jayelectro

    I haven’t tried this yet, but intend to. My heart looks forward to it. how long do you drop these into the deep fryer? I assume not very long at all.

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